Bowyer on Cardiff result, Cullen's injury and debutant Doughty

Charlton manager Lee Bowyer applauded his players’ efforts despite the disappointment of letting a 2-0 lead slip in the eventual draw with Cardiff.

Bowyer lamented his side’s sloppy second-half defending, but reflected on the impressive endeavor of his injury-ravaged team, reserving a special word for the displays of youngsters Albie Morgan and Alfie Doughty.

The manager’s full interview will be available on Valley Pass later this evening.

On the draw with Cardiff…

"It’s disappointing because you can’t be two goals up at home at half-time and come away with one point. For me, that’s not good enough. 

“But, on the positive side, the players have given me everything and we haven’t been beaten against a good Cardiff side. Let’s not forget that they were in the Premier League last season. They’ve got some good players. 

“I think we started a bit slowly, they were probably the better side until we scored, then we settled down, grew in confidence, started moving the ball better. We had to be patient because we’re a footballing side, we’re not someone that just goes from back to front, so yeah we had to be patient, but I thought we took control of the game. 

“They had to change to match us up at half-time and unfortunately, we just didn’t get that third goal. We created enough to score that time and time again, but it’s just that final pass and taking care of the ball in the final third. Just got a bit sloppy in the second half and that cost us.”

On the effort of the players and the disappointing defending that led to Cardiff’s equaliser...

“The second goal, it’s not a good goal. It’s not as if someone has got it and bent it into the top corner from the edge of the box or anything like that. It’s quite a sloppy goal and once their player gets to the byline you know he’s gonna cut it back, just mark your man, and make sure your man doesn’t score. 

“Unfortunately, again, we didn’t do that and that’s what frustrates me because they gave everything and they were crawling off the pitch, they couldn’t give any more. To come away with a point shows how far we’ve come. We’re fighting and competing against top sides and we’re not disgracing ourselves for sure.

On Josh Cullen’s injury and the promising performances from Albie Morgan and Alfie Doughty…

“Not good (Cullen), especially with Tuesday coming up. I was just saying to the staff that we’re going to struggle to put 11 out. We’re just running out of numbers. 

“You see the kids we had to bring on and they did great by the way, but to bring them on is asking a lot from them cause they haven’t played games before. 

“Especially Alfie, Alfie’s come on and he’s never played a game for us, not even when we were in League One. So to then just throw him in against a good Cardiff side... but we have no choice. That’s the situation we’re in, but like I said before, we’re in every game and it shows how well we’re doing and what a good group I have.”

Article by Benjy Nurick

Read Time: 3 mins