Bowyer hopeful for a change in fortune after late comeback at QPR

Lee Bowyer felt his side deserved at least a point after a thrilling 2-2 draw at QPR and hopes the late heroics can spur his side forward in the coming weeks.

Charlton were unlucky in stoppage time twice last week, so the Addicks' boss was pleased for a change in fortune.

His full post-game interview will be available on Valley Pass later this evening.

Below are some of the talking points.

On the performance…

"Hopefully that’s the change in luck for us that we need. I have to say that’s the least that we deserved from the game to be fair. I started with four and then I had to change it and go with three at the back and then I thought that we were in charge.

"I think that we created a lot of chances and managed to get ourselves into some very good areas. With our final ball sometimes, we just couldn’t pick out our man.

"But don’t get me wrong, they hit us well at times on the break and caused us problems and with them being the home side you expect that. But I think that a point is the least we deserved."

On being on the right end of a late goal…

"I thought that the keeper [Dillon Phillips] didn’t clip it quite right and then the header was scuffed and he flicked it on to Naby [Sarr]. So, there’s three things there that say to you that it shouldn’t really be a goal! So hopefully that might be the bit of luck that we need 

"Naby Sarr is a very, very good finisher. I’ve said it a lot of times now. He’s one of the best finishers in the club. He’s doing well defensively. The goal that he cost us this afternoon, the first goal, the clearance should have been better. But in possession he’s very good and very comfortable and when he got found in that position at the end there, he did very well."

On the takeover still not being done…

"Again, it’s something that I’ve echoed for the last 18 months, it’s something out of my control. It’s something that we all want to happen. Even yesterday, Roland [Duchatelet] came out yesterday saying come on EFL, hurry up because we all want this to happen. Obviously, we have Matt [Southall] and his group that are itching to get in and make an impact. We all want it to happen and hopefully it does sooner rather than later."

Bowyer's full game press conference will be available on Valley Pass later this evening.

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