Garry Nelson attempts 100 sat-down keepy-ups for NHS charity

Former Addick Garry Nelson is taking on the challenge of re-mastering a skill he once had as he tries to reach 100 keepy-ups whilst sat down.

Nelson, who played 222 games for Charlton from 1991 to 1996, is doing the challenge for charity as he looks to help the NHS Charities Together support staff and volunteers currently caring for patients with coronavirus.

Nelson explained that initially started of as something to do to pass the time while in lock-down.

"It started off with me trying to do a toilet roll challenge. one of the lads in my football team who's an ex-pro too posted that he'd done 22. I was trying to do that and I've got to 24 but not on camera. I melt whenever I go on camera! I just got frustrated with it. 

"One of my little party pieces when I used to go training was I'd get a ball at me feet and I'd be able to do 100 straight off. i'd do a keepy up, sit down and do 100 and then flick it up and stand up and do some more. I sat and thought, I used to be quite good at that, I wonder if I still am! 

"I thought that after a few days practice, i could reach one hundred and I'll stick a £100 donation on for the NHS and if anyone wants to help me donate another £100 then I'll do it. It was just a silly little thing at the start, and it's all of a sudden taken a life of its own!"

Nelson continued, speaking about how his challenge has begun picking up steam among his colleagues, friends and the football community.

"My CEO then caught wind and put it on his LinkedIn and then there was an email stuck around work and then it went through Twitter and WhatsApp and more and more people are now asking how they can donate.

"One of the first people to donate were Bob and Megs Wilson and they're lovely people, I know them very well through the charity work we've done with them over a number of years. 

"There's been Charlton fans and Brighton fans on social media and they've been wishing me good luck. 

"I've collected so many donations from people who I don't even know. There's so much generosity out there for something that was initially only for me to do to occupy the day and give my body a workout! It's taken it's toll too because my coxsics are sore now and the pressure's building!"

Nelson also provided an update on his current progress and took the time to once again thank those who are on the frontline of the coronavirus pandemic.

"I'm up to 74 on camera and i thought I was actually going to crack it last night! Hopefully by Sunday I will have got to a position where I've got 100 on camera and then that's job well done! 

"The most important thing is that people have really gotten on board and supported it which is lovely and to think that in just over a day of fundraising I've got over £1,300. By the time I've stuck in £100 I'll hope that I'll have cracked the £1,500 mark easily.

"In some small way it's just me seeing if there's anything I can do to help them. If it can help buy a few masks or test kits then it's my little way of saying thank you and doing something to feel positive about."

Supporters can donate to Garry's cause by visiting his JustGiving page here.

Read Time: 3 mins