Lee Bowyer: "I'll leave the singing to Johnnie Jackson, he's very good!"

Guitar hero Johnnie Jackson has gone viral this week by using the theme of the UK's current lockdown to give some classic songs a twist.

The Addicks’ Assistant Manager has raised more than £2,700 for Children With Cancer UK with most of those donations pouring in following the release of his first song ‘That’s Isolation’ over the weekend.

Since then Jackson has released two more songs and appeared on a variety of radio shows with articles appearing in The Sun and on the BBC Sport website.

The singer/songwriter clearly has some musical talent and has impressed Lee Bowyer. The Charlton Manager said: “I’ve seen a few of his songs. He’s good. It’s something that he’s hidden. I don’t know how it’s got out there but he kept them within our group. He’s very good and he’s self-taught, no lessons."

Bowyer added that he won’t be joining Jackson for a duet. He said with a smile: “He obviously has too much time on his hands! I’ll never join him, social-distancing is my excuse. If I sung, no-one would listen to any of them. I’m a horrendous singer.”

To donate to the cause, head to the CAFC London Marathon 2020 team fundraising page by clicking here.

Watch Jackson's other songs below.

Interview transcription by Nicks Emms

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