Memory Lane with Kevin Lisbie: The Best Bits

Former Charlton striker Kevin Lisbie had fond memories aplenty to reminisce about when he joined the Valley Pass Live team on Saturday.

As part of the very popular ‘Memory Lane’ section of the pre-game show, Lisbie, Scott Minto and Alan Curbishley looked back at some of his best moments in a Charlton shirt.

Below, you can read a selection of ‘the best bits’, while Valley Pass subscribers can watch Saturday’s edition of Memory Lane in full.

First Premier League goal

“It was a funny day, this. Curbs will tell you there’s a massive story behind it. That’s my first Premiership goal and I actually had Jon Fortune’s football boots on. He’s a size 11 and I’m a nine, by the way! I had to wear his boots because my car got clamped and my boots were in there!

“To score my first goal, that day was really special and obviously to get it with Jon’s boots was even more special.”

A late winner at The Bridge

“[Was it a foul for the free-kick that led to the goal?] No, no I tripped over my own legs but you get them. Even to this day, you’re still getting them. Once you get across the defender, he’s got a decision to make. That’s what I did, I sort of got across him and there’s a little clip there.”

“I’m a small lad but my timing is quite good. I don’t think Chelsea had conceded that many goals at this point or lost at home that many times so to score this goal, especially at that time, you sort of know the game is won and then you can celebrate and you can see it in my celebrations with the fans!”

What is ‘Curly Finger Friday’?

“That’s when the gaffer calls you in his office. You get yourself a beard for the curly finger which means you are gonna be on the bench on Saturday. You’ve done nothing wrong, but you are dropped!

“It was quite funny, you’d sit down eating lunch on a Friday and you’re looking at Mervyn [Day]. And you’re waiting to see. If he walks past you, you’re like ‘oh thank god!’ If he touches you, you know you’re on the bench.”

Article by James Waller

Read Time: 2 mins