Check up on your mates

Charlton supporters are being invited to make contact with the fans that they sit with at The Valley.

Many fans have had the same season-ticket seat in SE7 for a number of years and will have built-up friendships with those that they sit with.

This is the case for Michael and Dennis, who have sat near each other in the East Stand for the past 13 years. They have never exchanged contact details, however.

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, Michael and Dennis have not seen each other for 13 months and Dennis recently contacted the club about the well-being of 83-year-old Michael.

After speaking with Michael, the club were able to put him in contact with Dennis and the pair now speak on the phone after each game.

"When it came to the wintertime, I started to think about the people that I sit with when I was watching Valley Pass," Dennis said. "I kept wondering how Michael was and I was missing the awful jokes that he tells during games. I wanted to call him but then realised I had no way of contacting him.

"I've known him for 13-odd years but had no way of getting hold of him, which is crazy, really. I wrote to the club, who were great in helping me, and then within a week or so I called Michael and it was if we'd never been away from each other."

Due to Michael’s age (83), he is still shielding at present but Dennis recently visited The Valley with Michael’s son Stephen – who is also an East Stand season ticket holder – to discuss their friendship.

If you have thought about the people you sit with at The Valley, the club can now help to facilitate you getting in contact with them. Please click here to submit your details.

Due to data protection laws, the club must obtain written permission from both supporters before we are able to pass over any contact details. The club will not share any data without the written consent of fans.

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