MAGIC MOMENTS | Six-year old Freddie enjoys his first game at The Valley

The club would like to extend a warm welcome to the Charlton family to six-year-old Freddie David-Whitehair, who attended his first game at The Valley last month.

As part of the club’s new Magic Moments campaign, Freddie was invited pitchside, pre-game, to take in the stadium.

Freddie lives within walking distance of the stadium and his mother, Jemma, explained: “Freddie had been wanting to go to a football match for a while but I wasn’t sure if he would be okay with the noise and sitting for a long period of time for a child. After him asking for a long time I started looking for day time games and saw the next one was the Charlton v Cheltenham so I booked that and he was so exited. 

“Freddie was very nervous at first, a lot of people, lots of loud sounds and he was scared of the mascots in the family centre until they saw him hiding and came over to give him a high five, they were very patient and let him come over to them, once this happened he realised they weren’t scary at all!. He started venturing over to the football activities and even got the ball in the 1000 hole! Everyone clapped.”

“Freddie was very very happy with his first game and has been going on about going back since. He was very lucky – he got taken down on the pitch before the match and even got chosen to be a flag bearer! He loved the match and he loved getting involved with the singing. He asked if he could take a drum next time!

“As a parent of a young fan I thought it was amazing, everyone is friendly and there is so much support. We felt so welcomed and it was lovely.” 

The Addicks' annual Bring Your Kids For A Quid game takes place at The Valley on Saturday, October 30th. Get your tickets now.

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