Charlton Women partner with Pledgeball for Sunday's game against Bristol City Women

Following on from the success of the men’s team, Charlton Athletic Women partner with Pledgeball, an organisation that rallies football fans to bring about change to help to preserve our planet.

Pledgeball encourages football fans to make sustainable lifestyle pledges in support of their team. Charlton men’s team entered the Pledgeball League table in 2nd, after launching on 25th September and pledging to save 191,480kg of carbon emissions per year! Where will Charlton Athletic Women enter the Pledgeball League?

Go here to make your pledge as an Addicks fan and to see the impact you’re having together.

Addicks fans have potential to make significant change:

  •  Charlton Women’s Twitter followers simply turning off sleeping appliances at the wall saves the same amount of emissions as taking over 390 cars off the road
  •  Charlton Women’s Twitter followers simply reducing their shower times to 5 minutes equates to taking over 900 cars off the road
  • And their influence stretches beyond this, as the impact of them ripple out.

Katie Cross, Founder of the Pledgeball, said: “I can’t wait to see where Charlton Athletic Women enter the Pledgeball League. Fans of the men’s team made such an incredible start, I am hoping to see the women’s team top the table.

“The impact we have collectively is incredible. I look forward to seeing that impact as Addicks fans pledge in support of Charlton Athletic Women and take on another Pledgeball partner, Bristol City Women.”

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