Forster-Caskey discusses his road to recovery

Prior to Tuesday night’s game, CharltonTV caught up with Jake Forster-Caskey as he updated supporters on his recovery following his ACL injury.

After suffering the injury back in May, the midfielder joined Scott Minto and Alan Curbishley in the studio to discuss how his progress is going.

Comparing his current ACL injury to a previous long-term injury he sustained back in 2018, Forster-Caskey said: “It was strange because it was so different from the first one. I just got up and walked off, but I knew something was serious”.

Looking at photos of his leg in a brace, Forster-Caskey recalled: “I couldn’t put my foot down for six weeks.”

The reigning Player of the Year also discussed the importance of supporting the mental health of players with long-term injuries.

“It was really tough because, obviously, I’ve been through it once, so this time was mentally tougher for me to accept, the timing was terrible,” he explained. 

“After a few weeks you tell yourself that you’ve got to get on with it and get back stronger, and that’s what I’ve done. I’ve got my head down and hopefully people will be happy to see me back.” 

Forster-Caskey also reiterated the support he has received from manager Nigel Adkins and the wider club: “The manager was first-class with me, he would talk to me all time as he’s been through some surgeries himself. The club has stuck by me, they did last time and I feel like I repaid them, so I’m looking forward to hopefully repaying them again.

“It is tough but we’re lucky we’ve got some amazing people at the club. Adam Coe, the physio that’s been with me, has been unbelievable and there’s loads of really good people at the club that’ve helped me through this process”.

Forster-Caskey reviewed his current recovery progress: “I’ve still got a long way to go as in actually getting game ready, but obviously it’s a big milestone for an ACL [injury] just being out on the grass, so it’s nice to see that”.

The 27-year-old midfielder is meeting with the surgeon at the beginning of November and is hoping to get a sign off to progress to more extensive training. 

“At the moment, I’m on schedule. I just take it day-by-day, so everything’s going really well.”

Written by Danielle Lawless

Read Time: 2 mins