Sandgaard on Jackson: "I’m very excited about everything that he has done"

Charlton confirmed Johnnie Jackson as the club’s new permanent Manager on Friday morning and owner Thomas Sandgaard told CharltonTV he was very pleased to get the deal done.

Jackson has led a change in fortune for the Addicks, that has seen them jump up the league table.

Speaking to CharltonTV, Sandgaard explained: “Johnnie has been caretaker for a couple months now and has done an amazing job. We’ve seen we’re averaging more than two points a game since he took over. 

“He started brilliantly with our trip up to Sunderland where we beat them 1-0 on their home ground. Johnnie did several things that was very helpful for our performance immediately, we started with a different formation, with three at the back and two strikers, something that allows us to press opposing teams much higher up the pitch which obviously has proven very helpful. 

“It’s not just another formation, Johnnie has been very good at instilling into the players that we are smart about the type of press we apply up high. Playing with wing backs instead of traditional full backs is one of those things that has been really effective. 

“I’m very excited about everything that he has done. I believe it was more than three weeks ago that I sat down with Johnnie and told him that I really want him to take over permanently. We quickly came to terms on the major items, then agents and attorneys get into it and an additional couple of weeks went by but we’re now at a point where we have signatures on both sides and I’m excited for the club that we can announce Johnnie as permanent manager.”

 Jackson has signed a contract which will automatically renew at the end of each of the next two seasons based on success on the pitch for the Addicks.

Sandgaard explained: “His contract initially runs until the end of the season. If he does well, it automatically triggers for another season and if he does that well, it automatically triggers for another season. So there is two-and-a-half years in this. If he doesn’t do, points-wise, enough to automatically trigger an extension, the club has the right to extend the contract for another couple of years under the same terms. So, I’m very excited it worked out for everybody and obviously I am very certain that the fans will be excited about this. I’m very excited and I’m sure the fans are too. 

“Johnnie is a legend within the club as a player but also as assistant manager with that and his caretaking experience we knew what we were getting, my preference was to get Johnnie signed up. We looked at a number of other potential managers, in case this was not going to work out, so we wouldn’t be without a manager. We looked at quite a few but I’m pleased this worked out because Johnnie was my absolute preference.”

In the summer, the Addicks signed Jayden Stockley, Craig MacGillivray, George Dobson, Sean Clare, Charlie Kirk and Sam Lavelle on multi-year permanent deals. Sandgaard revealed the club will look at what it available in the transfer market this January. He said: “I’m hoping that we’ll have a minimum of one investment, like we have done previously, especially in the last transfer window where we invested in younger players that had a lot of potential, so that they eventually will become an asset that can contribute to our first team. I’m hoping we can find one or maybe two more talents. We might also need one or two loan players, with experience, that can come in and strengthen the squad. We are preparing for the winter and spring where traditionally all teams, including us, end up with injuries and suspensions and I want to make sure that we have the squad with the most depth, so we can get through that.”

Excerpts of Thomas Sandgaard's interview will run on the CharltonTV free pre-show ahead of Saturday's game against Plymouth Argyle.

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