Jackson: "The fans have been a huge part of the story!"

Johnnie Jackson has been at Charlton nearly 12 years and on Friday was confirmed as the club’s permanent Manager.

The 39-year-old joined the Addicks on loan in January 2010, and has played and captained and coached the side, becoming Assistant Manager, initially in an interim role, in 2018.

Speaking to CharltonTV following his appointment, he praised the connection he has with the club’s supporters.

He said: “They’ve been a huge part of the story haven’t they! From day one, the moment I came here, they took to me for whatever reason, and it sort of grew from there. 

“The support I’ve had since I’ve taken over has been incredible. From that win up at Sunderland, to seeing The Valley full over the last few games, you know, singing my name, singing the boys' names, and really getting behind the team and myself, it is incredible. That support that we have, that support that I have, it does touch you and I’m really grateful for it.”

As well as support from the club’s fans, the new Addicks boss had strong endorsements from the club’s players.

“It’s really flattering,” he explained, “really flattering. You know, when you do take over, you hope the lads are going to buy into it and I believed that they would, but until it actually happens, you’re not so sure. 

“So, to see the boys come out and obviously endorsing me, saying the things that they are, the response that they’ve given me has shown me that they’re playing for me and that they’re on board with what I’m trying to do, and I can’t thank them enough for their support.”

Thomas Sandgaard hailed the “amazing” job Johnnie Jackson has done since taking over in October and Jackson thanked the owner for the faith shown in him.

“Mr Sandgaard coming in, he’s saved the football club. He’s put us on a real sort of positive foot in now and I can’t thank him enough for the opportunity to be the Charlton Manager. Obviously it is a long-held ambition of mine, so you hope that can come to fruition. But you need someone to show that faith in you and he’s done that, so now it’s my job to hopefully re-pay that to him and hopefully we can both take the club forward together.”

Transcription by Josh Eden

Read Time: 2 mins