Be Sure of your Blood Pressure this summer

Charlton Athletic Community Trust (CACT) is commissioned to deliver a key public health programme to address one of the country’s most serious causes of premature deaths.

High blood pressure affects more than 1 in 4 adults in the UK and is the 3rd biggest risk factor for premature death after smoking and poor diet. 

Having persistent high blood pressure puts a strain on blood vessels, heart and other organs, like kidneys, eyes and brain. Persistent high blood pressure increases the risk of potentially life-threatening conditions like heart failure, stroke, kidney disease and vascular dementia. 

High blood pressure is often described as a ‘silent killer’ as it rarely causes symptoms, so it’s really important to get it checked. 

CACT has been commissioned by the Royal Borough of Greenwich and the British Heart Foundation to deliver a Hypertension Prevention Programme which aims are to increase awareness of high blood pressure, deliver blood pressure checks throughout the Borough and improve access to care for those who have high blood pressure.It also provides lifestyle advice on how to maintain a healthy blood pressure. 

Commissioned by the Royal Borough of Greenwich and the British Heart Foundation, CACT delivers a Hypertension Prevention programme. The health team will be touring the Royal Borough for the next eight weeks to deliver the programme.

 Why not visit our Roadshow to get yours checked? 

15th - 21st July

Tuesday 16th - ASDA, Charlton

Wednesday 17th - ASDA, Charlton

Thursday 18th - ASDA, Charlton

Friday 19th - Woolwich Market

Saturday 20th - Woolwich Market

22nd - 28th July

Tuesday 23rd - Woolwich Market

Wednesday 24th - GSM

Thursday 25th - Woolwich Market

Friday 26th - Woolwich Market

Saturday 27th - IKEA, Greenwich

29th - 4th July / August

Tuesday 30th - Morrisons, Thamesmead

Wednesday 31st - Morrisons, Thamesmead

Thursday 1st - Morrisons, Thamesmead

Friday 2nd - Morrisons, Thamesmead

Saturday 3rd - Dockyard Festival, Clockhouse Community Centre

5th - 11th August

Tuesday 6th - Passey Place

Wednesday 7th - Passey Place

Thursday 8th - Passey Place

Friday 9th - Passey Place

Saturday 10th - General Gordon Square, Woolwich

12th - 18th August

Tuesday 13th - IKEA, Greenwich

Wednesday 14th - IKEA, Greenwich

Thursday 15th - IKEA, Greenwich

Friday 16th - IKEA, Greenwich

Saturday 17th - Family Wellbeing Festival, National Maritime Museum

19th - 25th August

Tuesday 20th - Woolwich Market

Wednesday 21st - Woolwich Market

Thursday 22nd - Woolwich Market

Friday 23rd - Woolwich Market

Saturday 24th - General Gordon Square

26th - 1st August / September

Tuesday 27th - General Gordon Square

Wednesday 28th - General Gordon Square

Thursday 29th - General Gordon Square

Friday 30th - General Gordon Square

Saturday 31st - General Gordon Square

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