CACT Kick the Habit team support No Smoking Day

To mark No Smoking Day, the Kick the Habit team visited the University of Greenwich’s Avery Hill campus to launch a 12-week stop smoking support service, to support the University’s students to quit smoking for good. 

National No Smoking Day is a national event which takes place annually to support and encourage those who are interested in giving up smoking for good.

As part of its health improvement work commissioned by the Royal Borough of Greenwich, Charlton Athletic Community Trust (CACT) supports smokers to quit through the Kick the Habit programme.

The Kick the Habit team carry out a variety of projects, from the recent “Quit Your Way Today” roadshow where they supported clients to start their quit journey to the daily drop-in service throughout the Royal Borough offering free support.

The benefits of giving up smoking can be as instant as eight hours.

Studies show that after quitting for eight hours, nicotine and carbon monoxide levels can be reduced by 50% and oxygen levels return to normal. After 48 hours the lungs start to clear out smoking debris, and taste and smell improves.

CACT helps 95 people who live or work in Royal Greenwich every week receive long term support to stop smoking.

To refer yourself for a Kick the Habit consultation, please call the Greenwich Healthy Living line on 0800 470 4831.

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