Fans raise money for the family of lifelong Addick

Nic Lampey

Charlton supporters have come together to raise more than £4,000 for the family of lifelong Addick Nic Lampey, who passed away on Sunday at the age of 40.

Nic is survived by his four children Jordan, Micah, Laci-Mae and his step-daughter Siobhan, his parents Tony and Jackie and his brothers Chris, Paul, Matt, Zac, Charis and Keziah.

The money donated will go towards Nic’s funeral and to his children.

Zac paid tribute to his brother, saying: “From being a child I can remember Nic being Charlton mad! He was always down the club shop having a look at what he could buy next. He would always be chatting to someone new - from the J Block to the world's greatest burger van, Nic would be talking to someone.

"Nic started my love for following Charlton and we’ve followed the Addicks all over the country since!

"Nic has introduced Charlton to multiple family members and friends, bringing them down to The Valley and making memories for a lifetime. He will be missed by many and remembered for his genuine interest in people’s stories and his amazing kindness. Nic’s family and friends are all so touched by the love he has received and the many messages.”

Supporters can donate to the fund by clicking here.

The thoughts of everyone at the club are with Nic’s friends and family at this difficult time.

Nic Lampey
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