A farewell message from Thomas Sandgaard


Please see below a letter from Thomas Sandgaard.

Dear Charlton fans, 

After nearly three years as Charlton Athletic Owner, I am pleased to announce the handover to new owners. During my time with Charlton, I sincerely appreciated the excitement, gratitude and connection with you as fans and supporters of this great club. The welcome when I purchased the club was incredible and I am hopeful the new ownership receives the same warm reception as well.  

My time at Charlton Athletic was not without its challenges. I shared the frustrations and disappointment that stemmed from the results we faced. The journey has indeed been bittersweet, painted with both criticism and appreciation, each equally important in its own right.

Thank you for supporting the club's progression in some key areas the past three years including advancing the women's game when we turned the women's team full-time professional in 2021, engaging in the early excitement and togetherness around the infamous 'Our Club, Your Car' campaign and watching the continued progression of the academy and academy players.  

One memory, in particular, stands out among the rest - the electrifying match in the Carabao Cup against Manchester United. The echoing chants from our loyal fans at Old Trafford still resound in my ears. Facing a club of such magnitude on their home turf was no small feat, but our team, coaches and support staff turned the challenge into a display of incredible perseverance and unshakeable belief. It was a monumental evening, filled with adrenaline, suspense and immense pride. That night, we showed the world what Charlton Athletic is capable of.

I would be remiss if I did not express my deepest gratitude to our dedicated and hard-working staff and players. Your tireless efforts and commitment have been the lifeblood of this club. You have shown remarkable resilience in the face of adversity and your passion for the game has been a constant source of inspiration. To Dean Holden, Karen Hills, Steve Avory, as well as Peter Storrie, who has done an excellent job since his appointment in February, to our sponsors who trusted and supported us throughout this journey; we are grateful for the role you played in elevating the club to its current stature.

As I pass the reigns over to SE7 Partners, I wish the new owners all the best in leading this great club back to the Championship and eventually the Premier League again. 

In closing, while the journey has been demanding, it has also been immensely rewarding. Charlton Athletic is more than a football club. It is a community, a family, a bond that unites, from the staff to the players, from the sponsors to the most crucial part of our team - you, the fans. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to have been a part of this journey.

I move on from Charlton Athletic, not with a heavy heart, but with a sense of pride. I am leaving this club knowing that its future is bright and full of potential.

My deepest gratitude for allowing me the honour of being part of this remarkable club. Continue the chants, hold the faith and let the spirit of Charlton Athletic soar high. As I step away, I remain, as always, a supporter and a lifelong fan.

Kind regards, 

Thomas Sandgaard

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