Holden: "It was a nice moment with our supporters"

Holden claps supporters

Dean Holden thanked supporters following the final home game of the season against Port Vale.

The Addicks beat the Valiants 3-2 with goals from Tyreece Campbell, Jes Rak-Sakyi and Miles Leaburn.

Speaking to CharltonTV after the game Holden said: “It was pleasing to get the win obviously. We spoke about it pre-game that we wanted to send our supporters home happy and with some optimism for next season. It was nice for the front three to all score.

“I thought we started really well. For 15 minutes we got a grip of the game and we scored – it was a good goal from Tyreece. We seemed to just come off the game then. They came for set pieces, to play in their half of the pitch and turn us around and play for set pieces. Our clearances at that point got a bit rushed and a bit poor and we invited a bit of pressure – the rest of the first half after our first goal was a bit of a non-event.

“We came out second half a bit slow and a bit sloppy but scored a really good second goal from Jes Rak-Sakyi – I’ve so much enjoyed working with him. He cuts inside, the space opens and it’s a really good finish in the end. He’s such a wonderful player, a great goal and obviously then we shot ourselves in the foot again with that set piece.

“They had some pressure around our goal in the second half. Ash didn’t have much to do in that first half. At the start of the second half we didn’t get our clearances right, we gave free kicks away in our own third, that’s what they wanted. They did have a little bit of action around our box. Ultimately we’ve conceded another set piece. We’re miles off it from set pieces, something drastically need to improve on next season.

“Then we grew into the game a little bit again. We got hold of it, we worked a great team goal down the left-hand side. We get Tyreece down the outside and obviously a good finish at the end from Miles. Ultimately a really good 3-2 win but it probably sums up what our season has been about – some really good bits and some stuff that wasn’t so great as well.

“It was a nice moment at the end with our supporters. We thank them for their support – we’re really grateful for that. It’s important that we go to work now. We’ve got one game left but we go to work in terms of recruitment, in terms of building a squad that can really make them proud and get some success.

“I have to say one of the brightest moment was speaking to Pearcey [Jason Pearce] before the game and hearing the U18s had won the league. Excellent in his first campaign. Credit to the academy again.

“The women are here tomorrow against Crystal Palace and hopefully we can get fans in to support them and make it a good weekend.”

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