Jones: ‘We’re trying to build something here’


Charlton Manager Nathan Jones wants to finish the campaign strongly and build for next season.

The Addicks have seen a turnaround in form since the appointment of Jones in February and are now unbeaten in eight games.

Speaking ahead of season tickets for the 2024/25 campaign going on sale, Jones said: “We have a plan here of where we want to be. The first phase is obviously to get out of this league and to become a Championship club, which then embarks on the next phase of getting the club back to where it has been and where it really wants to be.

“We have very ambitious owners and we’ve set a high bar in terms of what we expect from everyone on a daily basis, but let’s not get carried away. First and foremost, we have to make sure that we finish this season strongly so there is a foundation there to build for next year.”

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Jones has been full of praise for the Charlton fans since his return to SE7.

“The supporters have seen a team that goes out there to try and win football matches, that works hard, that grafts, that’s energetic,” he continued. “We’re only in our infancy really in terms of our development but the fans have seen that, responded to that and been excellent.

“I think it has been a joint venture in terms of players, staff and the fans, but they’ve really, really bought into it. Then what they’ve done is, and you expect it from Charlton fans because they are magnificent, travelled in their numbers. Let’s be honest, it’s been a brutal schedule; coming up to the Exeter game will be my 10th game in charge and seven of those have been away. The demands on the fans have been phenomenal and unfair really, but they’ve responded, they’ve travelled, they’ve backed us and they’ve been superb.

“To be fair I always knew Charlton fans were excellent because of playing here and then being here and seeing when the team is a good team and I can see that developing now. The fans have been brilliant and they’ve got such a big part to play.”

Jones believes the club are at the start of an exciting journey. He added: "We’re trying to build something and without a full stadium, without fans coming through the door, that will be a slower process. I want them to buy into everything we're doing here. If they get on board right at the start, imagine when we're successful and we're back where we want to be. They can say, ‘I’ve been there for years, I’ve been through the tough times and right at the start I backed this’ and then they're part of the process. That’s what we want them to be - part of this process, to get on board right at the start and to see the journey right through.

“We want them to buy into something and show that they are right here with us and we’ll give them a team that they can be proud of.”

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