Leaburn continues rehabilitation at St. George's Park


Miles Leaburn has been training at the home of the England national team as he continues his recovery from a hamstring injury sustained in September.

The striker has been working with performance and rehabilitation specialists Game Changer Performance at St. George’s Park, and is making great strides in getting back to full fitness.

“I think I’ve progressed a lot,” he said. “Every day I can see improvements. In the first week it was my first time dribbling in about seven months and I was kicking it about the place! But now a couple weeks later I’ve got it back.

“Getting into more of the fitness-based stuff, on the first one some of the runs I was doing I was absolutely on the floor. But each week it’s getting harder and harder and I feel fitter and fitter as the weeks go by, and my hamstring’s feeling stronger.”

As much as he’d love to be back training with the first-team squad, Leaburn has enjoyed the six-week programme. 

“I’ve found the experience good to be fair. I’ve met a lot of new people here, I’ve seen some familiar faces also, and the staff have been great. I’ve been working hard in the gym out on the pitch,” he said.

The striker wanted to thank the team at Charlton who arranged the programme with Game Changer Performance. 

“The club have been really helpful,” said the 20-year-old. “They’ve sent me here for the last six weeks, making sure I get the best possible care for my hamstring and getting it back to what it was in terms of strength. This whole thing was set up by them and I’m very grateful, because these are the best facilities possible.”

Director of Performance Services Dr Will Abbott, who was up at St. George’s Park monitoring Leaburn’s progress, was impressed with the striker’s determination to get back to full fitness.

“As a lot of footballers up and down the country are on a beach relaxing somewhere, Miles has been working really hard regaining his fitness and completing his rehabilitation programme,” said Abbott.

“His attitude, his work ethic, his professionalism throughout the course of his rehabilitation has been second to none. He’s back out on the pitch now and I imagine starting to feel a lot more like a footballer again after a long time spent in the gym.”

Abbott stressed that while the striker’s progress has been excellent, the club will be very careful to not rush him back.

“It’s important that we sensibly and gradually build Miles’ work, especially when it comes to any sort of high intensity and sprint-based work. 

“The next stage after having such a long period of time out, it’s only natural that you’re going to lack a little bit of fitness and sharpness. So those will be the aspects that we touch on right at the end of his return and his rehabilitation.”

One thing is for sure - when Leaburn does make his return to the first-team, he will savour the moment.

“I feel like when you’re playing you kind of take it for granted,” said the striker. “Being out this long, you realise how much you miss it and enjoy it.

“I just love being out showing what I can do - tricks, goals... I just can’t wait to be back out there!”

(Transcription by Christopher Umunna)

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