National Walking Month comes to an end

You may have been aware that May was National Walking Month, aiming to inspire people to sit less and walk more throughout the whole of May. 

Greenwich Get Walking continued with their weekly walking sessions but also held a few special themed walks throughout the month...

Launching their partnership with Cruse Bereavement Care, Greenwich Get Walking kicked off Mental Health Awareness Week with a Stroll and Cafe for those who are suffering with bereavement, giving them the opportunity to talk to those in a similar situation. A Mindfulness lunch time walk also took place during Mental Health Awareness week where it encouraged people to get away from their desks for an hour or so, to get out into the fresh air and to take notice of their surroundings.

A celebration walk commemorating their ALD walk leader receiving his certificate happened in the second week, where the leader and the participants of the walk that he leads walked from their centre in Plumstead to the Valley in Charlton.

The fourth week of National Walking Month was Arts and Activities week where we held a Sketch walk to the theme of motion, where all participants sketched as they walked and received a free sketch pad to take home with them. Also in the fourth week we had a photography walk around Plumstead Common and around the nature reserve, where the theme was patterns in nature.

In the Final Week of National Walking Month, Greenwich Get Walking had great fun at the Where's Wally walk at Eltham Library, with Miriam the librarian dressing up as Wally and walking with the children creating stories about Wally around Eltham. For more information on the Library Walks, contact Miriam on

If you enjoyed national walking month, you can volunteer to become a Walk Leader. For more information on Walk Leader Training, contact Ollie Golding on 07972 668657


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