Steve Avory on Micah Mbick's rapid rise


Academy Director Steve Avory was full of praise for Micah Mbick after the 17-year-old signed his first professional contract the club.

A first-year scholar, Mbick has progressed through the Addicks' academy system after joining at U10 level.

“It’s a great feeling," explained Avory. "Our process of recruitment here is very thorough. The process of coaching and the way we manage care for players. It's all part of the package in terms of developing the player.

"Here we have another lad with talent, but he himself is a good person supported by a good family, who recognise that there's still a lot to learn.

"He has a sound head on his shoulders and we're very optimistic for him but he's only 17."

The academy prospect bagged three minutes into his senior debut with just his third touch in professional football.

“I wasn’t able to watch the Cray Valley game live as we had an U21s game," said the Academy Director. "Michael Appleton had told me that, if the circumstances were right, he would get him onto the pitch and he did true to his word. You can’t really get any better than scoring a goal - fantastic!

“He's a goalscorer and he scores different types of goals as well. He's confident enough to take his efforts from outside of the box and inside. He manages the ball so well under pressure and creates space for himself very well on that first touch.

"He's also brave and he will go and attack crosses. He's always going to be a threat running in behind as well and he has the ability to receive the ball to his feet.

"Working with him, you realise how good of a trainer he is, and he's a good listener as well," Avory added. "It was a no-brainer for me to say that we need to offer him a scholarship and here we are now where he has moved on even further."

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