Jason Pearce says walking out at The Valley with his sons was "a really special moment"

Josh Magennis and Ricky Holmes both scored goals at the weekend and both were on the scoresheet in the previous home game with their children watching on as mascots.

As part of the club’s annual Family Fun Day and Jason Pearce all walked out with their children by their side in a match Charlton ended up winning 4-1 against Northampton Town.

Player Liaison Officer Tracey Leaburn said: “The players were really excited which I think showed on the day. Ricky Holmes and Josh Magennis’ children were mascots and they both scored. Last time Josh’s son was a mascot he scored a hat-trick (against Bristol Rovers in January). They were so proud to take their children out on the pitch.

“The kids loved it, some of the little ones found it a bit daunting but they were so, so excited.

“The most beautiful thing is when they are all there excited in the tunnel and then their dads come out to line up and they scream “daddy” in excitement. Trying to control them with the away players around too was interesting!

“It shows the family feel of the club. All their (the players) kids come to watch them play the games. They really enjoy it and with all the wives and children that family feeling showed.”

Jason Pearce said: “It was a really special moment. It’s something I play football for, for my kids and my family. So for them to be a part of it and come out on the pitch, it was a special moment for me but also for the boys, my two little boys.

“My eldest, who sort of understands a little bit more, he loved it and enjoyed it and he said to me this morning ‘Daddy, I love coming to watch you play football’ it was nice, it was a special moment.

“It was nice for the club, it shows the club has thought as a family club and you see that with a lot of families in the crowd. It’s a nice feeling and was a special moment for the players.” 

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