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New data protection laws mean that some Charlton supporters will need to ‘opt-in’ before Friday, May 25th in order to continue receiving news and updates from the club. 

The new data protection laws will also require us to provide you with the ability to opt-out every time we make any form of direct marketing communications to you.

The new laws stipulate that anyone who has not engaged with the club – or purchased a match or season ticket in the last two seasons – will have their data automatically removed from the club’s database unless they choose otherwise.

Below are a number of questions and answers that explain how fans can ‘opt-in’ and why it is important to do so… 

To opt-in, please visit our ticketing website by clicking here

What does ‘opt-in’ mean?

‘Opt-in’ means you are consenting to the club contacting you with any updates, news, special offers or upcoming events at Charlton. When opting-in, supporters will be given the opportunity to actively indicate what it is you would like to opt-in for, i.e. to receive club or third-party content only. 

Why am I having to opt in now?

As of Friday, May 25th, new data protection laws mean that the club require the consent of supporters in order to contact them. Without opting in before 11:59pm on Thursday, May 24th, supporters will no longer receive any notifications or updates from the club. 

How do I opt in? 

Supporters can opt in by visiting the club’s ticketing website. Once on the ticketing website, please log in and then select ‘manage your subscriptions’. Here, you will be able to tick whether you wish to receive club news or third party/sponsored news or both. Once you have made your selections, click ‘update’ and this will save your choices.

Who doesn’t need to opt in to keep receiving updates?

Any Charlton supporters on the club’s database who have purchased a match ticket or season ticket in the last 12 months will automatically be opted-in to receive direct marketing as soft-op-ins (meaning you will receive club news and have the option to opt-in to receive third party updates). Fans who have engaged with the club at least once in the last 12 months will also be automatically opted-in.

Why should I opt in?

Supporters should opt-in to ensure that they can keep up to up to date with all of the latest news and offers at the club. Any important information or special offers will be shared with fans who have opted in via email or other means, such as post. Fans who do not opt-in will not be contacted with any updates. 

When do I need to opt in by?

Data protection laws will change at 00:00 on Friday, May 25th, so all supporters who wish to opt in will need to do so before this time. Although this does not necessarily mean you can’t opt-in again at a later date.

What happens if I do nothing before the deadline?

Supporters who have not engaged directly with the club in the last 12 months will be automatically opted-out if they do not opt-in before the deadline. Fans who are opted-out will no longer be contacted by the club with updates or offers.

What should I do if I want to receive emails from Charlton but not third parties?

Supporters who are only interested in receiving club-related content and not information from third parties should log into their online account by clicking here. They should then only select the box that says ‘Opt-in to receive club emails’. By leaving the box that reads ‘Opt-in to receive partner/sponsor emails’ unticked, you will be opted-out of this content and will not receive third-party emails.

What if I don’t want to opt in?

Supporters who have not directly engaged with the club or purchased tickets in the last 12 months do not need to do anything in order to opt-out. Fans who have engaged with the club or purchased tickets in the last 12 months can opt-out by logging into their account on the club’s ticketing website, unticking the boxes on the ‘manage your subscriptions’ section and then selecting ‘update’. Fans will also have the ability to opt-out any time from any form of communication that is made to them by the club.

What does ‘my data’ mean?

The term ‘my data’ refers to all of the information that the club stores on its database about individual fans. When purchasing tickets, the club like to collect the following data: name, postal address, phone number, email address and date of birth. This data is your personal information and you have the right to request the club remove this, should you wish. 

Will my data be safe if I opt in?

Should supporters decide to opt-in, their data will be perfectly safe. Fans will only receive updates based on what they have agreed to with the club and fans’ data will not be used for any other purposes.

As part of our ongoing commitment to data transparency and protection, the club have updated its Privacy Policy and have included changes in support of the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Here's a quick summary of what's new:

• Improved clarity on how we use your data.

• Storage and accuracy. We outline how your data is stored and how we aim to ensure we're retaining accurate data.

• Greater control. We've added detail around your privacy rights and how you can access the data we hold.

The club are committed to keeping the data of its supporters safe and increasing transparency. The new GDPR law comes into effect on Friday, May 25th and we hope fans will see benefits from this added privacy protection. 

Find out more by reading our Privacy Policy

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