#PrideOfTheValley | Daneka Knott

This season, club partner BETDAQ has launched the #PrideOfTheValley to reward die-hard Charlton fans. Each home league game, a fan is selected to win the reward and the individual will be presented with a signed shirt on the pitch.

On Tuesday evening, Daneka Knott was nominated. She is a lifelong Charlton fan who has done a fantastic job to help fundraise for Lyle Taylor’s Pink October campaign. We asked her for some of her Charlton memories.

Why I became a Charlton fan… My uncle, brother and my cousins used to come to Charlton. I used to be my brother’s shadow, so if he went, why should I not go? And from that point my passion for Charlton developed.

My first game at The Valley was… Coventry City in 1998. I was four and went along with my mum and brother. We drew 1-1, Andy Hunt being our goalscorer.

My first away day with Charlton was… Swansea away in 2009. I went with my brother, his best mate and his brother. We drew 1-1 that game too and before I knew it I had the away day buzz!

On 25th May 1998 I was... Listening to the game on the radio. My brother was the lucky one to go to the game. Never have I wished to have been been older than for this game. That way my brother would not have an excuse not to take me.

My favourite Charlton game.... Hands down is Carlisle away in 2012 when I went with my best mate Talia by coach. That game, the team pushed and pushed, they wanted the result and I had never seen Chris Powell so into a game. That day was amazing as we secured promotion and the atmosphere from players and fans, still sends shivers down my spine. The journey was a long one, and all in one day, but it didn’t matter because we were going back up!

My favourite Charlton kit... The centenary shirt. Because of the meaning behind it. 100 years of our club.

My favourite Charlton player... It’s a hard one and I have three candidates. Chris Powell, Clive Mendonca and Johnnie Jackson. All three because of their history with our club and what they’ve done/do. But it has to be Clive Mendonca.

The best part of being a Charlton fan is... The feeling when you walk up to your seat and you automatically feel at home. The results may not always go our way but The Valley will always be our home. I am proud of the history of the club and I am proud to support a club that does so much for the community and different charities. At the end of the day, whatever the result, it’s still your club and you will always support it.

My starting XI would be... Dillion Phillips, Chris Solly, Lewis Page, Patrick Bauer, Jason Pearce, Lyle Taylor, Tariqe Fosu, Josh Cullen, Karlan Grant, Jake Forster Caskey and Billy Clarke

The Charlton player of the season… It’s one of two possibilities for me and for two completely different reasons. Jason Pearce for his role as captain and leading the team week in, week out or Lyle Taylor for his continued efforts and goal scoring. But not just what he does on the pitch but off it too. He has used his role as a footballer to raise money for Breast Cancer awareness month and Cancer Research UK and these are moments that make me proud of being a Charlton fan.

The game I am looking forward to most is...Plymouth Argyle away. It’s close to the end of the season and should be a good day out.

Know a Charlton fan who you think deserves to win BETDAQ’s #PrideOfTheValley award? Email website@cafc.co.uk and tell us about them.

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