Naby Sarr answers questions from Charlton's Young Reds

Fans’ favourite Naby Sarr sat down to answer questions from Charlton’s Young Reds earlier this week.

The imposing defender netted a stunning free-kick at AFC Wimbledon on Saturday and Young Reds member Liam – who sent in four questions via video – asked Naby about his set-piece taking skills.

As well as that, 25-year-old Naby answered one question each from Riley, Louie, Thomas and Harry and you can see what he had to say by watching the video or reading his answers below… 

Liam: I play as a centre-half for my Sunday team (Westwood Boys). Are there any tips that you could give me for young players starting out in that position?

Naby: “Any tips I can give you… I’ll say win every battle against your striker. I think, in this young age, that’s the most important thing to do. Don’t let the striker score, that’s it!”

Liam: The free-kick that you scored last week was superb. Will you be taking free-kicks from now on? Especially ones from outside the penalty area?

Naby: “That’s a good question! Yeah,I think I’m going to start practicing them now with Jacko in training. Why not? Another free-kick chance, I’ll take it and see where it goes.”

Liam: Your contract expires in 2020. Will you be singing an extension and what are your ambitions?

Naby: “I don’t know yet. I have one more year here yet. Hopefully we can go up at the end of the season, so I’ll have one more year after that and see what happens.”

Liam: One of your last clubs was Sporting Lisbon. Do you prefer the beaches of Portugal or the Thames river? 

Naby: “I can’t lie about that. I miss the beaches of Portugal a bit! Here it's rainy and windy but, I like England also. It’s alright and I’m good here.”

Riley: Who’s your best friend at Charlton?

Naby: “I don’t have one… I have many! I’m going to call them the Uno gang: Tariqe Fosu, Joe Aribo and Anfernee Dijksteel.”

Louie: How did you become friends with Samuel Umtiti and Alexandre Lacazette and do you still remain in contact and meet up?

Naby: “Well, I played with both of them. We all played together with Lyon back in the day. That’s how I know them and yeah, I’m still in contact with them. Especially with Laca because he’s in London, so I meet up with him sometimes.”

Thomas: Do you fancy your chances up front?

Naby: “Haha! We have Lyle Taylor and I’m happy at the back, so I’ll stay at the back.”

Charlie: How does it feel to play on the pitch with the atmosphere of the fans singing, chanting and cheering?

Naby: “It feels very great. I think it helps me a lot, it gives me strength and a lot of motivation to do good and make them [the fans] happier.”

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