Bowyer on the penalty shootout, Doncaster Rovers and facing Sunderland at Wembley.

Speaking after Charlton's dramatic penalty shootout victory over Doncaster Rovers, to send the Addicks to the Sky Bet League One play-off final at Wembley, Lee Bowyer talked about the penalty shootout, Doncaster Rovers' performance and facing Sunderland in the final.

On the penalty shootout...

"I was okay with the shootout because you can’t control that. It’s just the luck of the draw. The goalies are gambling and you just need one to go the right way and thankfully Dillon Phillips chose right! But then Naby Sarr was stepping up… But those things you can’t control! On the football pitch I thought we did well. We gave everything and that’s all I ask of them; Just give me everything and they always do."

"If I’m honest I didn’t think it would come down to penalties, but we did practise them last two days on Wednesday and Thursday. But again you don’t know who’s going to be on the pitch at the time. Like I’ve said before after extra time as well, you’re not even in control of your body, your legs are like jelly and you cant re-enact it. So they’ve all done well and stepped up, and you’ve got to be a man to take a penalty in front of a full home stadium, and in that type of atmosphere. Fair play to them all."

On Doncaster Rovers...

"I have to say Doncaster, commiserations but they gave everything an they’re a credit to their football club and the fans. It was two good teams that play good football. Grant McCann’s done a great job. They was outstanding tonight. We had to be good as well otherwise they would have walked away with it. What they’ve done there… (My players) worked so hard all season and to keep going and going in injury time and score a goal to come back into the game and level it off. I have to say, it’s a pleasure. I love them all. They give me everything. Everything."

On facing Sunderland at Wembley...

"You could say that it’s going to be a good game, two teams that like to play football, put their bodies on the line and give everything. I have to say, my players first of all, are a credit to this football club.

"Sunderland will go in favourites, because we haven’t beaten them this season. We deserved to win when we played them here. But, I know myself, playing at Wembley is completely different. They’ve played there once already this season and they do have an advantage over us. But I’ve got these players that just keep going and going and we need a bit of luck between now and then and not pick up any injuries and we can turn up with the squad that we’ve got now."

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