Jonny Williams on Friday's celebrations and being lifted by the crowd literally

Speaking this week about the wild scenes sparked after Charlton's penalty triumph over Doncaster Rovers on Friday, Jonny Williams spoke to about the night and what it meant to him.

On Friday's celebrations...

"Friday was amazing, I’ve never been involved in a celebration like that. I think it was massive for me personally, and as a club to all come together in a circumstance like that for a spot at Wembley where it’s you or the other team to get promoted, it’s massive.

"I’ve been lucky enough to do it once before and it’s the best way to go up. It’s the most nerve-racking because it’s not guaranteed but if you get the job done it Is the best way. So we’ve got one more game now."

On being literally lifted by the crowd...

"I managed to get a fair way before I got lifted up! It was inevitable and in the end there was nothing I could do! Someone came up behind me and put their head under my legs and before I know it I’m up in the air and getting thrown about!

"It was an unbelievable end to a game. To score and then have them hit back and us going behind, to then us scoring so quickly afterwards was a massive relief and then to go through on penalties was an amazing feeling.

"Fair play to the boys and everyone involved and the fans that came out to support us, it was an amazing atmosphere and hopefully we can replicate that on Sunday."

On how he felt after the game...

"I was exhausted [when they lifted me up] to be honest! Emotions of relief, of getting over the line in the end because they came and played a great game against us. I was just exhausted and so happy to be a part of this team. I’ll do everything I can on Sunday to help the boys one last time to get back in the Championship."

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