Updated information for fans yet to receive their Wembley ticket

The club has received communication from just over 200 fans who have yet to receive their Wembley tickets.

Our box office team are in constant communication with Wembley Stadium who will be distributing the e tickets today to those that requested duplicates yesterday. The club have asked for a specific time that the tickets will be sent. Wembley weren’t able to give a specific time but assured us it will be today. These tickets have started coming through this morning, check your spam folders if you can't see them immediately. These tickets can also be scanned with a mobile device. 

Members of the Charlton box office team will be on-site at Wembley on Sunday to help with further enquires.

For fans that have not requested a duplicate and are yet to receive their tickets, we would advise you to wait for this morning's post. If the ticket does not come in the post duplicates can be requested today by calling 03432 081 496 today between 9am and 9pm. If you do this you will be able to collect your tickets at Wembley stadium, with a photo ID or confirmation email on Sunday. Fans are advised to arrive early in case of queues

Any fan that has a duplicate ticket

- Fans are advised, if they are provided with a duplicate ticket, the original ticket will be void and they should use the duplicate to gain entry to the Sunday’s game as the original ticket will not work. 

The phone lines have been busy but do keep trying to get through. 

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