Club and fans to look at structure of the Fans' Forum

The club are looking at the structure of the club’s current Fans’ Forum.

The current Charlton Athletic Fans’ Forum was reconstituted in its current form in 2010 and consists of representatives from various groups, including regional supporters’ groups, the disabled supporters’ association, the Supporters’ Trust, travel groups, international fans and others.

Areas for discussion that have been highlighted by fans include:

• Representation of fans

• Diversity of the Fans’ Forum

• Chairperson

• Publication of meeting notes

• Role of the Fans’ Forum/Terms of Reference

The topic was discussed at the last Fans’ Forum meeting and current members of the group will be consulted on how improvements can be made. The club will run a survey for the wider fanbase to have their say on the restructuring. 

Notes from the last Fans’ Forum can be found here and fans can read more about the Fans’ Forum by clicking here.

The next Fans’ Forum is set to run in the current format on December 9th. 

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