Bowyer 'relieved' at victory over Bristol City

Charlton Manager Lee Bowyer was relieved his side were able to hang on to a crucial three points against Bristol City at The Valley.

Macauley Bonne netted twice before Alfie Doughty's 82nd minute winner as the Addicks won 3-2.

Lee Bowyer's post-game press conference will be available on Valley Pass later this evening.

Below is some of the manager's immediate reaction.

On the result after 11 winless games...

"I’m relieved, I can’t believe we’ve gone that long without winning. We’ve been in winning positions many times but we’ve just not been able to hold onto it is all. Thankfully, today, we managed to do that. 

"There were lots of changes today. When we went in at half-time I thought it was quite an even game but if anything we edged it a little bit. It was a great finish from [Macauley Bonne for the first goal] and then they changed it at half-time. They did the same at their place, they changed everything and then before we knew it we were 2-1 down without really doing much wrong.

"Their first goal I thought was a good goal. The second one, we just need to clear our lines. That’s been our problems of late. We’ve conceded too many goals and you cant just go on and score three goals to win the game. We’ve been scoring two a lot! But the sooner you start doing things better defensively then the sooner we’ll start winning more games. But, fair play to the players. They just keep going and going and I just said to them that their resilience there was unreal and the togetherness is great. They just keep going to the end. 

"It was good to see Alfie [Doughty] get his first goal, Macca got two. A draw would have probably been a fair result but of late I think there’s been a few things that have gone against us and today we got that little bit of luck. 

"I said to the players: ‘You have to earn your luck. If you continue working as hard as you do, you will get rewarded I promise you.’ Again, that’s what happened today, they just kept going and going and we went 2-1 down. But they kept going and the fans got behind them and we got the three points, which we maybe deserved, maybe not. But, there’s been many times that I’ve stood here and we’ve not taken the three points which we deserved so I’m going to grab these three and move on." 

On the upcoming games...

"This is an important part of the season for me. There’s a lot of points to be won and this was the first game and we’re on the turn now. This is the first team we’ve played for the second time and we have to start again. In the first part of the season we did well and we’re above where we expected to be. Now we start again, afresh, and we go again for the next 22 games and we’ll see how high we can finish."

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