CharltonTV | Frequently asked questions

Please find below answers to frequently asked questions about CharltonTV.

The club will continue to update this page based on queries from supporters (last update 05/08/2021).

Who can watch live streams of league matches during the 2021/22 season?

The EFL provided an update on its broadcast rules on August 3rd 2021. They broadcast rules state that: The live broadcast or streaming of any match in the domestic territory (England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Guernsey, Isle of Man, Jersey, Ireland) is prohibited between the hours of 2:45pm-5:15pm on Saturday afternoons.

EFL Clubs will have the right to live stream midweek matches on iFollow or club equivalent services, CharltonTV in our case, in the domestic territory.

I live in the UK. What league games can I live stream during the 2021/22 season?

  • All scheduled midweek matches (unless selected by Sky Sports)
  • Displaced weekend matches – matches which are moved from Saturday 3pm kick-offs for non- TV purposes (at the discretion of the home club)
  • Bank Holiday matches (at the discretion of the home club)
  • Papa John’s Trophy matches (apart from the semi-finals and final which are live on Sky Sports)

I live overseas. What league games can I live stream during the 2021/22 season?

  • Overseas supporters can watch live all EFL League One games provided that they have not been selected by Sky Sports or for an international television broadcast in a territory that has an overseas broadcast partner
  • Supporters who live in a country that sits outside of the EFL's global television deal can watch all league games live on CharltonTV

How can I sign up for CharltonTV?

Supporters can purchase a CharltonTV subscription by clicking here. CharltonTV subscriptions are priced at £60 per year or £6.50 per month and include live audio commentary or all competitive first-team games and unlimited access to all on-demand video content but NOT the live streaming of league games.

International supporters can purchase a CharltonTV LIVE subscription for £195, which includes the above plus the live streaming of league games.

UK-based fans cannot purchase a subscription that includes the live streaming of league games.

If I live in the UK, why I can't I purchase a live streaming subscription?

This is against EFL broadcast regulations. The club are only permitted to offer live streaming to UK-based fans on a match-by-match basis. Only selected fixtures can be live streamed in the UK, please see above for more detail.

What is the difference between Valley Pass and CharltonTV?

There is no difference. Valley Pass was rebranded as CharltonTV towards the end of the 2020/21 season. Valley Pass is now called CharltonTV. If you previously purchased a Valley Pass subscription then it will have been carried over to a CharltonTV subscription.

Will my monthly or annual subscriptions automatically renew?

Yes, if you subscribed after June 2021 then your subscription will have been setup to automatically renew.

I am an overseas subscriber but cannot access the live streams. Why not?

  • You may not be logged in
  • You may be logged into the wrong account

I have purchased an Addicks membership and am entitled to a discounted CharltonTV subscription. How can I get it?

Supporters who purchase an adult Addicks membership or an International Addicks membership will be sent an email with information on their discounted CharltonTV subscription. This email will be sent at 9am the day after the purchase of your membership.

Can I register for CharltonTV without having to purchase a subscription?

Yes, anyone in the world can register for CharltonTV. Registering simply means creating an account. Registering will grant you access to some content but other content, including live streaming, will require a subscription or pay-per-view match pass in order to watch.

Watch the below video to find out how you can register.

I have a registered an account for CharltonTV but I haven’t received an activation email. What should I do?

Please note, the email can take a few minutes to arrive in your inbox. If after a few minutes it has still not arrived, please check the junk folder in your email inbox.

If the email has not arrived in your inbox or junk folder after a few minutes, please email

I’ve tried to reset my password for my account but I haven’t received an email What should I do?

Please check your junk mail. If you are still having problems, please email

Where can I purchase a CharltonTV subscription/ match pass from?

All CharltonTV purchases can be made via this page:

What is a ‘match pass’?

By purchasing a match pass, you will be granted live streaming access to one selected fixture. The price of a match pass in the 2021/22 season is £10.. 

Match passes are available to purchase through the above link.

Once I have purchased a subscription or match pass, how do I access the live stream?

There are two ways to watch a CharltonTV live stream: via or the CharltonTV app.

To download the CharltonTV app for an Apple device, please click here. To download the CharltonTVV app for an Android device, please click here.

Please note, you will have to watch via the CharltonTV app if using a tablet or mobile device. You will not be able to watch the live stream without the app.

If you are using a desktop or laptop, you can watch on via this link:

We would recommend you test your live stream ahead of the game, whether you are using the app or a browser.

How can I test my stream?

Depending on the device you are using, follow the above steps and you should receive a ‘Currently not broadcasting’ message. If you do, then your live stream will play as expected, once the broadcast begins.

I have tried to purchase a subscription/match pass but I get an error saying: "The authentication cookie has not been set".

This is due to Apple disabling cross site tracking by default, please see below steps to resolve:

Safari for Mac:

  1. Open Safari if it is not already open.
  2. Click the "Safari" menu and choose "Preferences" and then "Privacy"
  3. Depending on your version of OS:
  4. Click prevent Cross Site Tracking to disable this setting.

Safari for Mobile or Tablet:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Click on Safari
  3. Privacy & Security
  4. Turn the toggle 'Prevent Cross Site Tracking' to 'Off'.

What about if a Charlton game is on Sky Sports?

If a game is selected by Sky Sports or an overseas broadcaster then the club are only permitted to live stream that fixture in a small number of countries (where the EFL TV deal is not present).

When this is the case, international supporters with an annual CharltonTV subscription who are in a country that is covered by the EFL’s global TV deal, e.g. the United States, are not be permitted to watch. These fans will have the option to tune into live audio commentary for this selected match.

The club does not anticipate these rules changing in 2021/22, though they have yet to be finalised. Charlton were only selected by Sky Sports or an international broadcaster twice in 2020/21. 

Will any Charlton games be available to watch on Sky Sports’ red button in 2021/22?

No Charlton matches were available to watch via the red button in 2020/21 and the club does not expect this to change in 2021/22.

What do I do if I have technical difficulties in the run-up or during the game?

Should you have any technical issues on the day of the game with the stream, please email

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