Nothing Compares | Bhavisha

“Charlton for me is just pure joy. I love football, I’ve always loved football and watching my football team - there’s just nothing quite like it at all. 

“Charlton is a club that embraces everyone. You can chat to anyone around you and you can just chat football.”

Bhavisha first came to The Valley when she was taken by a co-worker and was immediately taken by the atmosphere and the “buzz” she got.

Now a key member of the club’s LGBQTI+ supporters group, the Proud Valiants, she is delighted to see her club leading the way in promoting equality.

She said: “This year, when Charlton won the Football v Homophobia award, there were three different winners all associated with Charlton: our chair at Proud Valiants, Charlton itself as a club and also Charlton Invicta, who are the LGBT, football-friendly club. It’s testament to how much work is being done within the club and I’m proud to play a small part in that.”

As part of the club’s Nothing Compares season-ticket campaign, supporters who purchase a season ticket before the early-bird deadline will be welcomed back to The Valley with a few added benefits, including a free ticket for a silver game to bring a friend or family member.

And Bhavisha can’t wait to be back to bring a friend with her. She said: “As an NHS key worker, this year has been particularly challenging for me. On top of the personal struggles that everyone has had to deal with this year, my work has been challenging to a degree that I’ve never known before and having to adapt our working practices and ensure that we’re still delivering the best care that we can for our patients, as well as looking after the staff who are treating COVID patients as well as all the other patients that need to be seen. 

“All coming together at a football game might not seem significant looking from the outside but for the people that are involved in this club and who have that connection with this club, it will feel like we’re returning back to some sense of normality. It’s going to be a new chapter in the Charlton story and everyone is so keen to get back involved, supporting their club again. I’m hoping that once we’re all able to come back we can all hug each other and celebrate when we score a goal!”

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