Enjoy a cocktail in the Meantime Fans' Bar at this evening's game


A Charlton fan will be selling a variety of cocktails in the Meantime Fans’ Bar at The Valley this evening.

Scott Tulloch, who grew up in Lewisham and started attending Charlton games through free tickets at his primary school, will be selling Pornstar Martinis, Mojitos, Strawberry Daiquiris and Sex on the Beach cocktails.

He said: “It was then during lockdown that I got put on furlough by my work. I was a bar manager at the time and I decided that, through my love of cocktails, I would start producing my own and start to sell online to the local area and eventually to businesses. 

“It is a passion I have had for some time. I’ve been seeing on Twitter and Facebook photos of various different fans on trains on the way to away games with various drinks on their table. I started to notice that there were cocktails and cans of gin and tonic on the table and I thought it would be a nice concept for cocktails to be sold at football grounds." 

The new offering comes on the back of feedback from the club's Her Game Too working group about having a wider variety of drinks on sale on a matchday. Tulloch said: “It will be amazing just to see Charlton fans enjoying my product and for me, a dream of doing something with Charlton.”

Jade Hannan, of the club's Her Game Too working group, said: "I'm really happy that the club are offering cocktails in the Fans' Bar. I've always felt there could be a better of variety of drinks at The Valley on matchdays, so it is great that we will now be able to enjoy a cocktail in the Fans' Bar."

Scott Tulloch and Jade Hannon with the new cocktails

Tulloch’s business, Larry’s Mobile Bar, is named after his grandad. He explained: “My grandad was a huge football fan like myself. He was like my father figure growing up and he actually passed away in 2002. It was at The Valley that me and him enjoyed some time together.”

All 2022/23 season-ticket holders are invited to bring a friend to Friday's game against Cheltenham Town for free, while special matchday pricing is in place for the fixture with all adult, over 65 and U21 tickets priced at £19.92 each - a nod to the club's 1992 return - anywhere inside The Valley. Click here to purchase your tickets.

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