VIRTUAL YOUNG REDS | Catching up with two young fans

Last month, Charlton launched its Virtual Young Reds package for young supporters to keep them connected with the club while they cannot attend games at The Valley.

We caught up with sisters Jessica and Jasmine Powell, two of the first young fans to be signed up to new scheme, to find out more about their support of the Addicks.

What made you become a Charlton supporter? ​

Jasmine: "Daddy always looked forward to going to see Charlton and was so excited when he came home after they won a game, I really wanted to become part of it too. 

Jessica: "Daddy bought me a ticket for a match on Boxing Day, and mummy went too - and we won! It was so exciting I've loved it ever since and now have my first ever season ticket." 

What item would you want to put in our time capsule? 

​A recording of the play-off final at Wembley 2019.

If you could ask any question to any player for the Q&A session, what would you ask and to whom? 

A question for Dillon Phillips: You have been in such brilliant form the last season, are you looking forward to helping Charlton get back into the Championship again next time round?

What event are you most looking forward to in the Virtual Package? ​

Jasmine: "Everything, but the session with Jason Pearce should be fun. 

Jessica: "I love doing activity sheets." 

What are you most looking forward to about being back at The Valley? ​

Jessica: "Daddy has bought me my first ever season ticket and I can't wait to see the team play again without having to watch online." 

Jasmine: "I just can't wait to cheer the team on again in person."

Are you looking forward to our first event, the virtual training session with Jason Pearce? ​

Jasmine and Jessica: "Cannot wait! Daddy did PE with us during home school, but it would be amazing to do something with a star player!" 

Click here to find out more about how to sign up for the Virtual Young Reds scheme.

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