Outreach and Detached Work

Youth engagement bus at Greenwich Peninsula


CACT’s efforts to connect with young people within our communities. During our scheduled sessions on the engagement bus, young participants have access to recreational activities such as gaming on a PS5, using DJ equipment, playing sports like football (if near a park or ballcourt), interacting with our mentors and offering a safe space. 

In addition to these activities, we offer support, guidance, and access to resources to assist young people. This approach recognises that some young people may not actively seek out support and aims to create a bridge by meeting them where they are. Through these interactions, we cultivate trust, develop positive relationships, and address the diverse needs of young people, ultimately promoting their well-being and personal development.

Youth Engagement bus locations and times

Bexley Bus

Mondays – Thamesmead Cygnet Square (SE2 9FA) – 3pm – 5pm

Wednesdays – Bexleyheath Skate Park (DA6 7BH) – 3pm – 5pm

Thursdays – Sidcup Willersley Park (DA15 9EP) – 3pm – 5pm

Greenwich Bus Times

Tuesdays – Abbey Wood (Finchale Road SE2 9PG)– 3pm – 5pm

Thursdays – Greenwich Peninsula (Pilot Busway) – 3pm – 5pm (term time only)

Fridays – McDonald’s Eltham High Street (SE9 1TD) – 3pm – 5pm


Youth outreach work includes interacting with young people in public spaces beyond conventional youth centres or organised settings. The objective is to connect with young people who may not engage with or feel at ease in more traditional support resources. Our detached work is currently being conducted in the Erith/Slade Green areas, including streets, shopping centres, and other communal areas where young people congregate. Our mentors strive to offer assistance to young individuals, as well as direct them to local services that can aid in their development and overall well-being.