Street Violence Ruins Lives

Three young people on Street Violence Ruins Lives Day

The Street Violence Ruins Lives (SVRL) campaign raises awareness of the serious consequences of weapons-related violence amongst young people through the experiences of the Knox family, with the tragic loss of their son Rob in 2008.

CACT staff and partners recently received bespoke training around street and gang culture as part of the Young Londoners Fund to support CACT's SVRL campaign.

SVRL is one of the first such programmes delivered by a community trust and has been adopted as a model of best practice by a number other football clubs. CACT delivers a wide-range of projects under the new strategy:

Youth, social clubs and leisure activities, sports, physical activities and coach education, alternative education and traineeships, mentoring support and employment support programmes, volunteering and apprenticeship programmes, support and discussions on personal development, emotions and self-reflection, crime education & youth-police relationship building, drug, safety and sexual health awareness workshops and culture & faith awareness workshops.

The key outcomes are identified as follows: 

  • Higher aspirations
  • Improved emotional wellbeing
  • Reduced anti-social & criminal behaviour

Click here to read CACT's SVRL strategy in full

CACT's SVRL programme links in well with our Crime Reduction work including the County Lines & Exploitation workshop which is being delivered in schools across Greenwich and Bexley. The workshop encourages young people to make positive life choices and makes them aware of the risks associated with drugs and gangs. 

Click here to see the County Lines & Exploitation Workshop trailer. 

If you are interested in CACT's County Lines & Exploitation workshop, get in touch with