Memorial Garden

The Valley's memorial garden

Charlton Athletic supporters who are no longer with us can have their ashes scattered in our memorial garden, giving them a lasting resting place in SE7.

Installed in the 1999/00 season, the garden is situated behind the big screen in the south-east corner of The Valley and is one of the only memorial gardens in Britain that overlooks its club’s pitch. 

The area is sectioned off by a low fence and gate, and the garden is decorated by a large flowerbed of red and white roses - when in season - which is maintained by the club’s ground staff. 

A bench enables visitors to sit and reflect, with a plaque inside the garden reading: “This memorial garden is dedicated in memory of those who faithfully supported Charlton Athletic FC in adversity and prosperity. May they rest in peace.”

Services for the scattering of ashes are offered by Charlton’s Club Chaplain, who can be contacted via the club. 

Such services can be arranged at a convenient time between 9am and 5pm, Monday-Friday and are free of charge, though supporters are invited to make a voluntary donation to charity. 

Fans wishing to visit the memorial garden to lay flowers and remember loved ones can also do so by contacting the club.

To arrange a service or visit to the memorial garden, please email or call 020 8333 4000.