Fans' Forum

Supporters hold a flag aloft at The Valley

In April 2021, the club appointed Lucy Bishop as Fan Adviser.

In her role Lucy will continue to review the club's direct engagement with supporters ahead of the start of the 2022/23 season. Supporters can email Lucy here or follow her on Twitter here.

Lewis Catt was appointed joint Fan Adviser in September 2022. In his role, Lewis operates alongside Lucy.

The Charlton Athletic Fans’ Forum was reconstituted in its current form in 2010 and consists of representatives from various groups, including regional supporters’ groups, the disabled supporters’ association, the Supporters’ Trust, travel groups, international fans and others. 

Fully compliant with EFL and Supporters Direct guidelines, the Fans’ Forum meet with the club’s Senior Management Team four times per year. 

During the meetings, the forum will discuss the issues and ask the questions that most affect them and the fans they represent.

Minutes from the meetings are published below for all supporters to view.

Aims of the fans’ forum:

  • To establish a forum for supporters to communicate directly with the club in a structured manner
  • To help the club better understand the issues that most affect and concern its supporters
  • To give the club an opportunity to explain the thinking behind key decisions
  • To enable fans to play a role in helping the club achieve success
  • To provide a greater degree of transparency about key issues that affect supporters

Role of the fans’ forum members 

As a member of the fans’ forum, each individual has a duty to liaise and consult with fans from the group they represent and ensure they best serve their interests in meetings with the club.

Each of the members is contactable via email and they are able to provide feedback and take questions from the fans they represent, as well as share updates after each meeting. Please click here to view a list of all the club’s official supporter groups. 

Next meeting: Thursday, November 30th. To submit a question/topic for discussion, please contact your supporter group representative or email

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