Alison Holloway - FIT FANS

Before and after photos of Alison Holloway after taking part in FIT FANS

Alison attended another Charlton Athletic Community Trust (CACT) Health Improvement programme, Walking Football, and wanted to start FIT FANS when she found out how the course could help her lose weight. She had always been up and down with her weight and struggled to maintain it. She has tried many different programmes and just never found the right one that suited her. The most exercise was an hour each week doing Walking Football and she struggled to moderate to what she was eating.  

Alison has lost weight from the FIT FANS programme and it has helped her confidence as a result. Though she said she wants to lose a bit more she is over the moon with what she has already achieved. Alison now regularly keeps up with daily walks and also started doing more gardening which she says helps her to do more exercise, and she also encourages the foster children to join in with exercising and help them to understand the importance of eating healthy and exercising at the same time, which will help reduce the risk of health issues. 

“The programme has been brilliant! Really, really good. Everyone’s in the same boat, we’ve all got our own stories. Everyone would try and chip in and help best they can to encourage you. What I like about it is the accountability. When you know you’ve got to write in a book and someone’s going to be looking at it, you’ve got 12 weeks to do it, it just gives you a bit more motivation, a bit more focus.” 

"I took part in the weekly sessions held at The Valley which included physical activity exercise sessions which I think is a great added bonus to the programme, plus workshops to understand how much salt and saturated fats and sugars are in foods such as ready meals and fast foods as well as covering other topics to help how to lead a balanced lifestyle. Now the course has finished on a Wednesday I now take part in a weekly Zoom session where we discuss how we are getting on and if I or the other women need help addressing anything that we may be struggling with, plus this is also a great way to keep in touch with everyone and help keep myself and the group motivated.

Alison is a lot more motivated and enjoys the online maintenance sessions. When cooking, she now goes for the healthier alternative and has smaller portions. The FIT FANS group sets different, personalised challenges each week, such as preparing meals with what is in their cupboards and making it as healthy as possible and to then share it amongst everyone else in the group. Alison and the other women liked having challenges set, they find it helps keep them focused from week to week.

Alison has also now dusted down her exercise bike and uses that at least three times a week for 30 mins each time and walking a lot more and at a moderate pace and walking longer each time that includes gradients to really push herself. 

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