Enrik Legasi - Advanced Centre

Enrik signing his contract alongside club staff

Enrik has become the latest young person to benefit from the CACT pathway into the Charlton Athletic Football Club Academy.

Whilst attending one of CACT’s Talent ID events towards the end of 2020/21 season, Enrik impressed the coaches and scouts with his performance during the games and was offered the opportunity to join the Advanced Centre for regular training sessions to develop his skills.

CACT’s Advanced Centre offers talented players from within their community programmes an opportunity to train each week.

He has been training with the Advanced Centre for just over a year developing his football skills in a competitive environment.

In December 2021, Enrik moved up to train with the Academy and placed on an 8-week trial. He very quickly adapted to the Academy environment amongst the U11s. Enrik officially signed as an Academy player in May.

Bradley Marshall, CACT’s Senior Football & Sports Development Officer, said:

“Enrik impressed and stood out from the moment we first saw him playing, he has natural ability in all areas of the game. The advanced centre group played the academy group whilst he was on trial and he was very much in his element and you can see he adapted to academy football very quickly. We wish him every success and hope he continues to develop.”

Upon signing for the Academy, Enrik said:

“When I was at the Advanced Centre I felt really nervous and left out but I did believe that I could make it to the Academy and so I tried my hardest and pushed myself to the limit which led to this optimistic result. As I played in the Academy, I saw many new faces but soon I got used to the intensity and tactics and the new faces turned into friends and talents.”  

Artur, Enrik's Dad, said:

“Since joining the Advanced Centre, I’ve seen growth in his character and it has helped in building his confidence and skills, whilst making Enrik less stressed during the game.

“We as parents always believed that Enrik could do it and this result gave us exactly what we were expecting for him. Looking at the training at the Advanced Centre that was good quality for the kids and the coaches work that they work with, we believe that Enrik will do it!”

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