Harry Markley - Charlton Challenge

Harry Markley with a football under his foot next to a Charlton Athletic logo

Nine-year-old Harry Markley attended CACT sessions from the age of three. Starting on the Toddler Soccer programme, Harry has now spent six years with CACT's coaches, progressing onto Charlton Challenge, working on skills and techniques including dribbling, controlling, passing and shooting.

As he continued to develop through Charlton Challenge, Harry was scouted by Charlton Athletic and started trialling at the club's famed academy at the age of six.

Now aged nine, Harry has signed with the Academy and received the Academy Cycle Award from the club for his progress.

Speaking about her son's journey, Harry's mother said:

"Harry started to play football aged three with Toddler Soccer, which he really enjoyed... Harry loves it at Charlton, especially being a Charlton fan, and will hopefully enjoy a few more years here"

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