Toby - Trainee

Portrait of Trainee, Toby

Toby is a current participant on CACT's traineeship programme.

The traineeship programme runs for 12 weeks and accommodates 16-18 year-olds with the aim of getting them into employment at the end of the course.

Prior to Toby joining CACT's traineeship programme, he wasn't too sure what his next step to take was, but the traineeship offered him the chance to gain experience in a career he wanted to pursue.

Giving the trainees the opportunity to have work experience in a field they're interested in is an important part of CACT's traineeship programme. As well as making the young people more employable, work experience in a field that is relevant for the trainee is one of the key things employers look out for when hiring.

Through his traineeship with CACT, Toby had the opportunity to work with the groundstaff at Footscray Rugby club in New Eltham. As a result of this, Toby gained valuable experience and learned about the day-to-day operations of the groundstaff team.

Speaking about his time on the traineeship programme, Toby said:

"I've been doing it for 12 weeks now, I'm finding it alright, I've got a good teacher. He's helping me quite a lot to improve my maths, english and my confidence."

Explaining more about his role with Footscray Rugby Club, Toby said:

"I've done pitch marking, taking the net goals down, spiking and painting.

"My favourite part has been driving the tractor on the spiking. I've always wanted to be a groundsman or a gardener privately, so doing this is pushing me a bit more."

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