Steve Keeble - FIT FANS

Before and after of Steve Keeble

Steve had previously lost weight, but had put it back on and was struggling to lose it again and wanted to change. I hadn’t lost enthusiasm but didn’t have anything to work against every week, such as a weekly weigh-in and workshops like we have been doing to help educate how to maintain long term weight loss understanding.

“I enjoyed it, it was a good thing to do. Since I started the course I haven’t failed to do 10,000 steps in one day, because I always make a point of doing it. Matt has always said that if you’ve got any issues or need any help with anything then he’s available on a one-to-one basis.”

Steve has lost weight due to the FIT FANS programme. When he went to sessions at The Valley, he would walk from Bexleyheath to Charlton, which is about 9,000 steps;

"I feel more energetic and motivated to maintain the loss I’ve made long term and keep up with my exercise. I'm being more cautious by reducing the salt in cooking, reducing my sugar intake and generally watching how much I eat."

Steve took part in the weekly sessions at The Valley, exercise, weigh-ins and the educational side: understanding why it's important to eat healthy plus a mixture of cardio and resistance workouts. After the course, he met with the Charlton Athletic Community Trust health team bi-weekly on Zoom to follow up and help him maintain his new healthy habits.

Challenges are set in the groups Whatsapp group weekly or bi-weekly, on hitting certain steps or reproducing an unhealthy meal and making it healthy so they understand that they are in control of what goes in to their food, and can share amongst the group. 

Steve ensures he gets his daily exercise in. Since he started the FIT FANS programme, he’s done 10,000+ steps every day, watches what he eats and regularly keeps a weekly food diary to help him. He also uses the traffic light system when shopping to help keep what he is buying as healthy as much as he can. 

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