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Stephen's story...

Stephen Snell attends FIT FANS with CACT. Since January, CACT has worked with the English Football League (EFL) Trust to deliver FIT FANS, a 12-week programme with the aim of helping fans tackle their weight.

Prior to the FIT FANS programme, Stephen had a problem with his diet.

“My issue has always been with diet,” Stephen explained.

“I know what’s good for you and what’s not. For me it was when I ate, how much I ate.”

Speaking about the programme, Stephen said “it’s changed my life a bit. I’ve lost just over 2 stone, I’m eating a lot healthier and I’m exercising.”

The FIT FANS sessions would run every week at The Valley and other locations around the Royal Borough of Greenwich. 

Each week, participants would take place in an exercise session and be given advice and tips on nutrition, healthy cooking and more.

“Every week I learned something and I could put that into practice, such as getting my step count up for the day,” Stephen explained.

The FIT FANS programme allows like-minded fans to get together each week and speak about their weight-loss journey and encourage one another.

“What I liked about it is you didn’t feel pressured, you felt open to talk because everyone seemed to have the same kind of issues or concerns.

“I just felt really comfortable doing it, whatever we needed to do”, he added.

Throughout the COVID-19 lockdown, CACT staff ran online maintenance sessions via Zoom to keep in contact with participants on the programme.

Stephen now exercises every day, using his exercise bike at home.

“My fitness levels now are unbelievably high, much higher”, he says.

Find out more about FIT FANS or register your interest in the next cohort by emailing