CP - Traineeship

Trainee CP in his work kit

CP was referred to CACT’s Traineeship programme from the Single Homeless Project in October 2020. CP had been living in a homeless shelter for a prolonged period of time and did not have any desired options available to enrol in education. CP was NEET, lived in an area of deprivation, and has complex needs.  

CP had a basic level and ability in relation to both literacy and numeracy and presented as someone who had a lack of aspiration and self-worth.  

After initial inductions and the implementation of an individual learning plan, we identified that CP would need intense work on both literacy and numeracy, as his lack of qualifications could be a potential barrier to overcome his NEET status. CP highlighted that he had an interest in construction, but he was not sure if that was a feasible option as a career. 

CACT Traineeship programme’s values are to realise potential, raise aspiration and recognise achievement and one of its key focuses was to support CP to engage with employment and education. CACT Traineeship aimed to provide an informal learning environment for CP to achieve accredited qualifications and develop his skills.  

The informal learning environment provided CP a learning experience based on personal development and employability skills, providing opportunities for him to learn life skills. One of the main strengths of the curriculum was that it provided CP with the opportunity to build personal and professional relationships, which has been key in raising his confidence, self-worth and aspirations. At first, CP would spend lunchtime alone on his phone but by the end of the programme, he would regularly socialise with his traineeship peer group. 

CP stated that finances would be a barrier for him to be able to attend the programme. We initially funded CP’s travel, and successfully supported him in applying for a travel and lunch bursary. This met CP’s basic needs and resulted in 100% attendance. 

CP undertook a work placement with Flower Skills & Training, which provided him with an opportunity to follow his passion of construction. CP completed a City and Guilds construction qualification and obtained a CSCS card.

Through additional 1:1 tuition, we increased CP’s ability to work independently, solve problems, work within a team and confidently communicate with staff and peers. CP also took part in various employability workshops such as CV and cover letter writing, values elicitation, interview practice and customer service.  

CP successfully completed an Entry Level 3 in Functional Skills English and Maths and secured a full-time retail job in June 2021.