Joyce Harris - Extra Time Hub

Portrait of Joyce Harris

Joyce has been attending the EFL Trust Extra Time Hub with CACT for over two years. Joyce joined the club with her husband, Joe, who had Alzheimer’s disease, as an activity they could do together.

Joyce said:

“When Joe came to the club, he was very lively and he made a lot of friends with the people here. They helped Joe so much.”

Unfortunately, Joe passed away recently and Joyce was hesitant about returning to club in his absence:

“The first time I came back here, I was apprehensive because I had shared attending the Hub with him every time previously, but everybody was so comforting when I did return. 

“I am so happy that I came back now because they made me feel so special and they all remember Joe and it helped me to talk about him with everyone.”

The Extra Time Hub offers a wide range of activities including singing, bingo and keep fit classes. Joyce’s favourite part of Extra Time is the singing sessions, but she also loves that “everybody knows everyone else” so she is not short of people to talk to when she is there once a week.

Joyce gave some very positive feedback about the CACT staff who deliver the Extra Time programme:

“Linda, Matt and Jack are amazing, they all made us so welcome and I’m really glad we came.”

Over the COVID-19 lockdown, Joyce was unable to get involved in some of the virtual sessions run by Extra Time herself but commended CACT staff member, Linda Gray, for staying in touch throughout the lockdowns:

“Linda was amazing, she phoned all the time to make sure that we were alright, all through lockdown and I am really grateful for that. They made sure we were okay.”

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