Kairelle - School Sport Offer

Coach Leon and Kairelle

Kairelle, aged 11, has been working with CACT Coach Leon Foster-Connikie since September on a one-to-one basis.

The sessions aim to address issues around Kairelle’s confidence, behaviour and engagement with both his peers and teachers.

During the sessions, Leon speaks to Kairelle about any issues he has been having in school and then takes part in sport activity such as basketball, tennis and badminton, to help build up his confidence for his regular PE lessons.

After working with Leon regularly, Kairelle’s behaviour has improved significantly, and he is now happy to try new things including playing different sports during break time.

Due to Kairelle working on his behaviour in school and showing a commitment to engaging with his peers in a positive way, he has now been awarded the title of a prefect within his school which is an outstanding achievement.

Leon Foster-Connikie, CACT’s Football and Sports Development Officer, said:

“Working with Kairelle is great, he has begun to flourish in a lot of different areas. His new-found confidence has allowed him to start unlocking his potential and I now believe he will continue on an upward trajectory and really do well in his new secondary school.”

Jackie Gough, Kairelle’s teacher, said:

“Kairelle has learnt how to build and maintain positive relationships with adults and his peers. He is able to manage and control his anger whilst showing maturity and resilience.

“Kairelle has gained confidence in speaking about his feelings and emotions. He is a great role model to others.”

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